Injury Rehabilitation

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Thorough, Attentive, and Effective Therapy Programs

Every person experiences injury at some point, whether it be minor or severe. Injuries can be difficult to cope with. They cause pain and discomfort, limiting your ability to participate in work, leisure, and simple daily tasks. (If you are injured, always first seek advice from a physician).  

At Vitality Fitness, we are competent and experienced in treating a full range of injuries and conditions including both upper and lower body bone fractures, muscle strains or tears, tendon damage or repair, joint replacements, stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, COPD, asthma, diabetes, obesity, traumatic brain injury, cancer, and more.

The rehab process includes:

  • Identifying the injury.

  • Determining how the injury is causing your body disequilibrium.

  • Developing a plan for recovery. 

For lower extremity injuries including knee/ankle trauma and hip pain, damage, or replacements, rehab often includes balance training. Balance training helps restore lower body coordination, stability, and performance. 

Our programs allow for a more thorough, attentive, and beneficial client experience than traditional therapy services provide. Whatever your injury rehabilitation needs may be, Vitality Fitness can help you to repair your body and regain proper functioning. Check out our blog for resources, info, and tips about injury recovery and prevention.