Outdoor group workouts san diego

Group workout classes san diego. HIIT workout with cool down stretch.
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Vitality fitness hosts outdoor group workout classes (socially distanced) in the North Park/University Heights area every weekday. Cost is $10 per session for drop ins. Monthly subscription available. Please contact if you have any questions regarding group classes or are interested in signing up for monthly subscription. Classes are 50-55 minutes long and include: 

  • 5 minute dynamic warm-up.

  • 35-40 minutes of circuit training using body weight to achieve complete workouts.

  • 10 minute cool down stretch.

During our sessions we utilize body weight to achieve a complete workout. In some instances, we use resistance bands, which are provided to you. Each day we target different muscle groups (ie: upper body/arms/legs/core/cardio). We keep our workouts fun and exciting by switching up the types of exercises each time.


Workout classes take place at:

  • Bird Park on Pershing Drive, San Diego 92104 every Thursday (7am).

Schedules may vary so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for group class scheduling and updates (schedules are posted every Sunday). Each class focuses on different muscle groups and exercises which include modifications to increase or decrease difficulty, making them great for all levels! Join our outdoor group workouts to begin your day with a morning class.

Group workout classes san diego. HIIT workout before work.