about us

"our mission is health, our focus is you"

Dedicated to achieving optimal health.

Would you like to increase strength, balance, and endurance in order to improve your quality of life? Are you looking for a personal trainer? Do you have an injury that is affecting your daily routine? Do you have a chronic health condition affecting your physical performance, energy output, or daily routine? Are you are interested in boosting your immune function to prevent disease and illness? 

Vitality Fitness offers you a solution. First, we will work with you to develop an individualized program focused on your specific goals. Next, our experienced staff will visit your home or location of your choosing for each session. Vitality Fitness is perfect for people at all levels, whether or not you have experience with working out.
Our mission is health, our focus is you. 

What sets Vitality Fitness apart?  

  • Our dedication to understanding and attaining optimal health.

  • Our passion for wellness and health philosophy.
    The foundation of our philosophy is disease prevention and life balance. Balance can be achieved through physical fitness, quality sleep, proper nutrition, and reduced stress. We believe a fundamental flaw with our healthcare system is the lack of emphasis placed on illness prevention. Rather than treating injury or disease retroactively, you can work to improve your overall health condition by implementing Vitality Fitness' core principles into your daily routine.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, many people are at a heightened risk for illness due to indoor isolation, lack of activity, and poor diet. Building a strong immune system is now more important than ever and should be a top priority. Vitality Fitness can help you increase energy and boost immune function. We are confident that Vitality Fitness can make you feel better and live longer. Do more than improve your fitness, enrich your life. Choose Vitality Fitness and Rehab.

meet the owner


  • Carl Fitzgerald 

  • Master's in occupational therapy

  • Bachelor's in health science

  • Certified personal trainer

Fitness and health have always been important to me. I played sports my entire life, including soccer at the collegiate level. I also previously worked as a high school athletic trainer. My experience with sports has in turn led to several serious injuries of my own. This has fostered my personal understanding of what it takes to become physically fit, maintain fitness, and recover from injury. I started Vitality Fitness in order to share my understanding of health, and the human body. 

At Vitality Fitness I utilize the knowledge, expertise, and experience I have gained from working as an occupational therapist specializing in rehabilitation with adults and seniors. Health conditions of clients I have worked with include bone fractures, muscle strains, joint replacements, stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, COPD, asthma, diabetes, obesity, traumatic brain injury, cancer, and many more.

My role with these clients has been rehabilitation and facilitating in regaining strength, balance, and function in everyday life. My ultimate goal is community health and well-being. For you that may be recovery from your own injury or condition, or taking initiative to get yourself into shape, improve your health, and enhance your life.