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At Vitality Fitness we believe that optimal health can be achieved during all stages of life. Vitality Fitness is dedicated to optimizing health and wellness for older adults seeking private, home-based services. Following the consultation you will receive a personalized home training program that will increase strength, balance, and endurance.

Programs are focused on enhancing performance and improving overall well-being.
Our full mobile gym is brought to you and workouts are completed from the convenience of your home (inside or outdoors), or at a local park.


"I am so impressed with Vitality Fitness and Rehab..."   

      - Suzanne S.

"I have been looking for a trainer and am so glad I found Vitality..."   

      - Stephanie L.

"If it wasn't for Vitality I'm not sure I would have been able to finish my shoulder rehab..."

      - Holden H.

Covid-19 tested WEEKLY

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In-home personal training san Deigo

Are you an older adult or senior looking to improve your health?


Learn about proper form, technique, and injury prevention.

Increase strength/mobility/flexibility.

It's time to restore your health. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

  • Strength/Cardio Training

  • Injury Rehabilitation 

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutrition Optimization

  • Balance Training

  • Mobility Training

  • Flexibility Training 

  • Postural Training     

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In-home personal training San Diego. Balance training with older adults and seniors.

Many of the clients we work with explain that in the past, they have experienced difficulty fulfilling their fitness goals.
We will help identify limiting factors and formulate a personalized plan to assure those goals are met.

Our philosophy is that disease prevention and life balance are key to optimal health. Our comprehensive system has proven to be successful in accelerating healing, improving physical condition and maintaining full-body wellness.​

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